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From anywhere in the world, our complete platform simplifies the USA company registration, allowing you to establish your business as an LLC or C-Corp in globally recognized states like New Mexico, Texas, Florida Delaware or Wyoming.

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Frequently asked questions

It allows you to work globally and gives you access to the best financial services in the world, bureaucracy is almost non-existent and the effective tax rate is 0%.
Setting up a company in most countries means high taxes, bureaucracy, and limited access to payment options (no Stripe, PayPal, etc.)
Working through a Wyoming LLC is a small investment that brings many benefits.

You must meet the following conditions:
– You do not have your own US premises (Amazon FBA warehouses or other leased premises do not count)
– You have no US employees (US freelancers do not count)
– You do not stay more than 30 days a year in the US (can be more, but you will need to prove yourself to the IRS).

You can open a bank account for your LLC from anywhere in the world. We work with such banks and will connect you with them as soon as you receive your EIN number. Banks can also issue you payment cards and send them to your home country or PO box.

Yes, you can open Stripe and PayPal for the company by linking them to the company’s US bank account. You can use any other financial service available to US companies.
Opening a PayPal account requires one more step – getting an SSN or ITIN number.

It offers peace of mind and minimal bureaucracy and fees, along with access to advanced financial services that may not be available in your country for a long time. By running a domestic company, you may be limited to local banks and unable to receive payments via popular platforms like Paypal or Stripe. Additionally, you can never be sure if local institutions will introduce new charges for you in the near future.

You have two obligations to American institutions:

– Annual report to the Wyoming Secretary of State. This application is submitted to confirm that the company is still operating and active. If it is not submitted on time, it is considered that the company is no longer in business.
– Annual tax return forms to the IRS.

We take care of both under the subscription plan.

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