In the post Covid 19 world the message from the universe is loud and clear. Make 2021 be the best year of your life with just one decision to upgrade your self by learning of the high income skills that is graphics designing which will transform your life & will help you to grow digitally in 2023.There is no better time than now to learn new skills, to be self-sufficient & your own boss.

5 Reason why you should learn the Art of
Graphic Design in 2023.

  1. It’s a skill that robot or machine could never do – Millions of workers are atrisk of being replaced by robots in next few years. But if you learn something that machine could never do, then you’ll be future proofing your career for many decades.

  2. Right time to cash in on Digital – Due to rise in web and mobile platforms there is now huge demand for graphic designer because brand and designing matters more now. As the technology is cheaper and more accessible now. You can even start your own side business and design contents for influencers and digital marketers.

  3. No Boring days – Graphic design work is always challenging with new workprojects and assignments. The life of graphic designer is never dull as theyare obsessed with new task every day it could be like you will be designingfor a social media campaign or design a logo for a business tycoon.

  4. You can survive twist and turns in your career – In today’s pandemic situation many people have lost their jobs. Gone are the days when you can enjoy a job for lifetime. Today, you will be lucky enough if you survive your job for long time. Graphic design gives you skills that are in demand.

  5. Be your own boss – There are lots of opportunies for designers to work for themselves, from freelancing to setting up your own agency and there are no ceiling to the amount you could be paid for your work.


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To be honest most of the incredible eye catching graphics that you see online are not created by expensive software’s and professional designers. Infact, they are created by normal people, just like me and you, using free tools that are simple and fun to learn.

Now it’s your turn….

It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner looking for some guidance on graphic designing or an expert to learn some awesome trips n tricks.
This course is for you…! We belive “You have a greater purpose in life” every person who enroll in this amazing training will truly become a different person and a digital entrepreneur which is the need of the time.
Let’s truly bring a big change and become a value generator for to the society and for your own self. Enroll now in the amazing training before its too late.
Enroll now in the amazing training before its too late.


Canva Mastery Blueprint

21 days ultimate Guide to become canva designing pro.
Canva Mastery Blueprint is a step by step IMPLEMENTATION program from basic to advanced that teaches you how to become an amazing graphic designer by applying designing principles, designing rules and some amazing hacks along with tips and tricks and it will help you to transform from a beginner to an expert Canva Graphics Designer.
You do not need any previous designing or technical skills to get started. Everything from basic to advanced has been covered in depth inside the course and Followed by the Live QnA webinars.
Let’s check out what’s you are going to learn with this course...
  • Secrets of graphic designing.
  • Principles of graphic designing.
  • Rules of graphic designing.
  • Importance of graphic designing.
  • Why you need to learn graphic design skill.
  • Fundamentals of canva 2021.
  • How to create amazing visual designs (Even if you’re not a designer).
  • How to create an eye catching stunning social media graphics.
  • How to build strong brand identity & a brand style guide for your business.
  • You will learn my personal trips on creating better designs.
  • You will learn how to create highly engaging popular Instagram post.
  • Design high quality branded contents and banners for social media platforms including, fakebook, Instagram, you tube and more.
  • Create professional looking promotional visuals for product launches, events and more.
  • Discover how to make creative decisions that make your visual designs stand out from the crowd.
  • Mastering the basic principles of colour theory and colour psychology and how to quickly implement this knowledge in your designers.
  • Save time and money by easily creating your own visuals quickly and effectively.
  • Learn where to source free images, videos, software’s and icons and more for your designs.
  • Learn core design skills that are transferrable to all of your design projects.
  • Mastering all the elements within canva 2021 to produce stunning results every time.
  • Creating videos, awesome animations and special effects.
  • Create free, fantastic professional graphic designs, all for free inside canva.
  • Where to find inspirations and free high-quality images.
  • How to become completely independent graphic designer.
  • Special session on T shirt design.
  • How to monetise your canva graphic design skill and make money with it.

Lifetime access to training plus + All new updates for free at an investment of only $2997

And wait that’s not all…
In the bonus module of this we will take it even further. You are getting total of 5 bonuses here if you enrol today.
Amazing Canva Animations
Here you will learn each and everything related to animation and creativity.

Worth $997

Hidden special effects of Canva
Here you will learn about special effects where your creativity is required to create amazing special effects.

Worth $997

A full module on T-Shirt designing

Worth $997

1 Year Access – Live Coaching call with me.
You can get all your queries answered live in details by me. This is the best time to get all your doubts cleared live and discuss everything wherever you are getting stuck. You are getting 24 Live Q&A sessions + Recording inside the LMS if you miss to join Live.

Worth $997

Lifetime Access to private student Facebook Group


  1. Canva Mastery Blueprint Course (Worth $2997).
  2. Amazing Module on animations (Worth $997).
  3. Creative Special Effects (Worth $997).
  4. Module on T shirt designing (Worth $997).
  5. 1 Year – Live Q& A support (Worth- More than $4997).
  6. Lifetime Access to Pvt student Fb group (Worth – Priceless).
  7. Lifetime access to the Training + Free updates (Worth – Priceless).

Total Value

$2997+$997+$997+$997+$4997 = $10,985

Regular Price =

$2197 (@80% Discount)

Special Price for Today

Enroll Now

@ $1197/- ONLY

This course will give you the roadmap to create your own professional graphics for all social media platforms, business events and promotional campaigns etc. It will empower you to establish yourself as a unique professional brand & business and it will enable you to stop needing to outsource your graphics design work to expensive third-party designers who might not understand your vision as good as you.

What will you achieve after the completion of this course?

    • After completion of this course you will achieve the deep knowledge on some amazing graphic designing hacks, Rules, secrets and principles of design which will help you to become a pro Graphic Designer.
    • After completion of this course you can easily design stunning graphics for all your social media networks
    • After completion of this course you will be able to understand how to create well balanced designs with the correct combination of fonts, images, shapes & colours making the designs stand out.
    • After completion of this course you will be easily designing all Facebook graphics, Facebook ads, Instagram Carousels, single post, quote post, motivational post, Birthday post, personalised post, you tube channel art, thumbnail, awesome insta stories and animations.
    • After completion of this course You can work as a freelance graphic designer part time or full time and can earn a handsome amount of money.

……..and that’s not all…

I have cut out all the stuff & fillers to make this course valuable and to the point

Learn Graphic designing skills on Canva & work from anywhere you wish with just an internet connection and a laptop.

This may sound like a Fantasy…

But it’s not..

This is exactly what we have achieved starting from scratch and this is what you are going to learn for yourself in just 3 weeks.

Anyone can do it..

All it takes to get started is the motivation to learn!

You might have spent thousands of rupees here & there, but this small value may transform your career and your lives forever.

But.. this offer is not going to be around forever.

It’s a limited time launch offer, price will be increased soon. So, grab this opportunity now and will meet inside the course.

Here’s a recap of everything what you will be getting inside this course.

Canva Mastery Blueprint

21 days ultimate guide to become canva graphic designing pro
  1. Canva Mastery Blueprint Course (Worth $2997).
  2. Amazing Module on animations (Worth $997).
  3. Creative Special Effects (Worth $997).
  4. Module on T shirt designing (Worth $997).
  5. 1 Year – Live Q& A support (Worth- More than $4997).
  6. Lifetime Access to Pvt student Fb group (Worth – Priceless).
  7. Lifetime access to the Training + Free updates (Worth – Priceless).

Total offer value of over 10985/-

Regular Price - $2197 (80% OFF)

Special Offer If You Enroll Today @ $1197 Only.

You have two options now...!

Continue to be the same even after knowing that you can improve by the right guidance & mentorship. If you do not grab the opportunity, nothing will change neither your skills will improve nor your income.

Take responsibility of yourself and grab the opportunity that comes across. Upgrade yourself or learn a new skill and become a better version of yourself. By just grabbing the opportunities you can become master of your own destiny and can enjoy the freedom and secure life by learning high indemand skill.

** Just remember you are not giving money to me, you are just investing on yourself to transform YOUR LIFE **


We have worked with several international clients in different niches and createdcontents for Instagram growth, Personal Branding, health & wellness, Podcasting,Motivational etc. We have also trained more than 200 students on canva till date.

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Frequently Asked Question:

Ans. The course will be available to you in an online member’s area(LMS) where you can login and watch from anywhere 24*7.
Ans. You will get lifetime access to the course + all the updates inthe future as well.
Ans. This is a systematic step by step implementation program notjust an online course. you will be also getting live QnA webinarsupport along with lifetime access to the program and free futureupdate. You are getting to the point knowledge starting fromdesigning basics and hacks and I have removed all the fluff andfillers. So, no more scrolling through the internet.
Ans. You can email your query and can watch the recordings laterinside the program.
Ans. Yes, the full course will be available to you immediately.
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