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WordPress Funnels & Facebook Ads is my expertise, if you need help give me a call and we can talk about it

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What are you working on?

With years of experience and hundreds of clients, no matter what you’d like to do with WordPress, I can help make it happen.

Account Set Up & Best Practices

Launching a Comprehensive WordPress Funnel and Relevant Tech Stack

Client Experience & Relationship Building

Funnel Maps and Goal behind every funnel and when to use any of the funnel

Domain Integration & FB Ad Verification

Issues relating to hosting, domain and sub domain, DNS records, SMTP and security

Sequences & Email Automation

How to of setting up lists, tags, and Sequences. Using WordPress CRMs, Integrating WordPress with ESPs

Courses & Memberships

Launching LMS and Membership strategy (launching, running, maintaining a membership) using WordPress

Page Builder

Everything you need to know about choosing, editing, and using the Page Builder

Upsells/Downsells & Order Bumps

What is a funnel? How do you build an effective one? Basics, best practices, and strategy and setting up upsell/downsell products and order bumps

Forms & List Building

How to of setting up your forms, using forms on other websites, best practices, etc. Integrating with CRMs

Affiliate Set Up

How to set up your Affiliate program in WordPress

Video Hosting & On Demand Funnels

How to add videos into Courses using bunny, youtube  and many other other hosts

Funnel Analytics

Get more opt ins, sales, and higher average cart value

Booking Calendar & Calendly

Comparison and how to use both WordPress Appointment Booking and Calendly for your coaching packages

What you get with the Inner Circle Membership


First Tuesday of each month plus a bonus session members vote on! Join me live on Zoom, bring your Qs, I've got the As!


Member Exclusive Discounts on One Hour Sessions and the 5 Hour Package (save hundreds of $$)


No more searching the web for answers - leave your questions for me 24/7 I'll be in the group answering at least once per day M-F.


On demand (and SEARCHABLE) access to all past Masterclasses and recent past Office Hours - video, captions, and written tutorials to be inclusive to all learning styles

Funnel MAPS

Plan the perfect funnels for any objective with easy-to-follow Funnel Maps.

Email SWIPE File

Leverage your email list and sell in the most cost-effective way. Steal our winning email campaigns. We've included our best-performing emails in a special swipe file for you.

Complete Funnel Building TRAINING

Step-by-step comprehensive video training on how to build your own funnels including practical live demonstrations. Watch how I build funnels right in front of your eyes as I explain everything.

1-on-1 Expert ADVICE

Get expert advice on your funnel. You can submit your funnel or an idea for us to review, assess, and give you honest feedback. This will help you make sure your funnel brings results fast!

Everything you need to get clients and sales from the internet

Funnels are the way to go when you want to get money from the internet. And we included everything you need to build profitable funnels in our Funnel Kit. All you need to do is grab it. You have lifetime access to everything, including future updates!


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