The Evergreen Low Ticket Offer Toolkit Helps You Build & Launch Your Offer, Write Your Copy and A Funnel In Less Than 60 Minutes:






You want to make a product that LOOKS SO GOOD it practically sells itself… but you just don’t have the time to fuss and fiddle.

Here’s the problem… you’ve been dreaming of launching a course but you don’t know where to start with creating the course assets.

You need a quick and easy solution that let’s you focus on launching your course without the hassle of worrying about design.

What if you had over 3500+ Canva templates, 800+ Sales Funnel Copy Fill in the Blanks 4 Instant Funnels and 3 Tripwire Funnels for any WordPress Page Builder at your fingertips, ready to make into your own dream course?

Beloved, Its time to stop staring at a blank screen...:

What if creating your sales funnel didn't mean staring at a blank screen...

Desperately seeking creative inspiration…

And wondering how to create an online presence that will WOW your clients?

Your dream of selling out your course, program, or service can seem far away when you aren’t a copy expert, design genius, or tech-goddess and everything seems to take FOREVER…

And you’re longing for the time when you can just outsource everything… But…

You need to starting making more money before that can happen.

The bottom line is… You need it done NOW so you can start earning the money you need to afford to outsource… But…

You don’t have the time or the energy to DIY your funnel layouts, funnel copy, your email copy, your funnel designs, your page layouts, and your images from scratch.

And quite frankly, you know as a non-designer what a headache it can be to try to design marketing that looks professional & beautiful too.

But just imagine having…

Professionally-designed Product Templates

No more “blank page of doom” – these templates are beautifully branded and loaded with content prompts so you have everything you need — no gaps, no rabbit holes — just plug-and-play product creation. These templates were designed by an award-winning designer & digital marketing expert who now make their living making and selling digital products.

Done-for-You Sales Pages with Proven Copywriting Scripts

No more struggling to figure out what to say or messing with complicated copywriting formulas…. these templates use PROVEN sales copy prompts based on our own high-converting sales pages that let you “fill in the blanks” to make sure you hit every psychological trigger your customers need to hit that “buy now” button. Just install the templates and follow the instructions right on the page!

Easy as 1-2-3 Product Mockups

The secret to helping your customers feel confident in their purchase is to show them exactly what they’re getting… need to SEE what’s inside before they buy. That’s why we’ve included all the mockup templates and customisable graphics you need to bring your sales page to life.. They work together like a hand-in-glove and this takes just MINUTES to do!

No Copywriting Knowledge, No Designing Skills, No Huge Investment Required

Above all, It Only Require this Four Steps in WordPress






We provide you with step-by-step instructions and video tutorials so you can quickly and confidently set up the templates yourself.


These templates are yours for life to use as many times as you like on your own website. Plus you’ll get updates anytime we improve.


Need help at any point in the process? Feel free to submit a ticket and you’ll have an answer from us within 24 business hours.


AND… even MORE!

What you get with the Instant Funnels Bundle:

Magnetic Funnel TEMPLATES

Get templates of our best-performing funnels. Simply click the link and have an entire funnel populated to your WordPress. The templates are annotated to help you quickly navigate and easily adapt to your specific business.

Hand-picked Funnel GRAPHICS Pack

Improve conversions and have your funnels stand out from the competition with professionally designed graphics. We have hand-picked over 300 design elements you can just drag and drop into your funnels to make them look really smart. These elements include backgrounds, badges, banners, icons, images, and more.

COPYWRITING Templates and Frameworks

Easily write engaging and converting texts for your funnels and ads. Just follow our copywriting prompts and frameworks. We've already tested what works and included the winners in your Funnel Kit.

Opt-in Pages, Sales Pages, Ads, Order Bumps & Upsell TEMPLATES

Fill in the blank Templates for everything you need to create engaging texts for your own highly converting funnel at lighting speed and with no headaches.

Funnel MAPS

Plan the perfect funnels for any objective with easy-to-follow Funnel Maps.

Email SWIPE File

Leverage your email list and sell in the most cost-effective way. Steal our winning email campaigns. We've included our best-performing emails in a special swipe file for you.

Complete Funnel Building TRAINING

Step-by-step comprehensive video training on how to build your own funnels including practical live demonstrations. Watch how I build funnels right in front of your eyes as I explain everything.

1-on-1 Expert ADVICE

Get expert advice on your funnel. You can submit your funnel or an idea for us to review, assess, and give you honest feedback. This will help you make sure your funnel brings results fast!

Everything you need to get clients and sales from the internet

Funnels are the way to go when you want to get money from the internet. And we included everything you need to build profitable funnels in our Funnel Kit. All you need to do is grab it. You have lifetime access to everything, including future updates!

Let’s take a look inside and see what’s included…


Get step-by-step instructions that are easy to follow and understand to create an offer that will make customers feel like they’re getting an outrageous deal they can’t refuse.


If you consider copywriting just an unpleasant chore… Here is your brand-new SALES-COPY cookbook.

You can instantly indulge in these (fill-in-the-blanks high-converting copywriting templates) Sales Funnel Copies.

It’s as easy as cooking (but without greasy palms and burned fingers). All you need is to follow the system:


Sales pages take so long to write…
Save time and money by using these 10+ powerful sales page templates.
In a few minutes, your high-converting sales page content will be ready. 
You don’t need to hire an expensive copywriter when these ones work as well!


This template helps you quickly write the copy you need to make effective “Order Bump” offers in your funnels to bring in extra profits.
Order bumps provide customers with useful, relevant products on the checkout page. When used correctly, order bumps can significantly increase your profit margins and customer satisfaction.


Upsell Pages are one of the most important steps in your customer acquisition processes.

Our Upsell templates are designed to maximize your revenue while increasing customer satisfaction levels.


Driving traffic to your funnel is vital if you want to get consistent sales and grow your business faster. These Facebook™ Ad templates will help you do just that. You’ll get 45+ different ad copy angles that you can use to get more leads, customers and clients. 
These ad copy templates are “battle-tested” and have been responsible for generating literally thousands of dollars in sales in my own business.


EMAIL SERIES Many people think that email marketing is dead because of the exponential growth of social media.

But smart entrepreneurs don’t judge anything by feelings. They rely on numbers. Because NUMBERS DON’T LIE.

And here is the TRUTH:


The importance of thank you pages is often overlooked. They are usually simple, but this thank you page is above and beyond, providing users with more than just a sense of closure.
Why? Because, thanks to this thank you page template, not only will your subscribers feel welcome and special… Also, they get a clear idea of what to do next. This improves their user experience.


It’s no secret that video has been rising in popularity over the years…

Why do you need them? 
Well let’s face it, video is king if you can use video you’ll pretty much be able to promote and sell any product you want.
You have to be able to communicate how your product can help someone in a very short time. 


68 Pages Workbook In Ten (10) different Colours US LETTER and A4 SIZE

Quickly create beautiful workbooks for your online courses and programs and see your students reach incredible results much faster! This workbook is fully editable in Canva, includes 68 pages with different elements to make the learning experience more interactive and engaging (and make your life as a teacher much easier!).


Fully customizable Webinar creation templates designed to help you create online courses faster…and wow your students!


Pre-Written, Pre-Designed, Done-For-You Proven High Converting Landing Pages & Sales Page

Launch Sales Funnel For Coaches & Course Creators In Just 6 Hours or less





Now you can forget about all the hassles and simply focus on delivering great results with your High-Ticket courses and coaching programs, because...

DFY Lead Magnet Pages [Copy + Design]: Designed on WordPress & Figma

DFY Free Webinar Pages [Copy + Design]: Designed on WordPress & Figma

DFY Paid Masterclass Page [Copy + Design]: Designed on WordPress & Figma


DFY Autowebinar Page [Copy + Design]: Designed on WordPress & Figma

DFY 3-5 Day Workshop/WhatsApp Class Pages  [Copy + Design]: Designed on WordPress & Figma

DFY Sales Page [Copy + Design]: Designed on WordPress & Figma

DFY Freelancer Portfolio Page [Copy + Design]: Designed on WordPress & Figma

100+ MINI EBOOKS Edited in Canva for lead magnet and Tripwire Offer

“What Makes These Better Than Any Other Templates Online?”

6 Reasons

WHY You Should Use Them:

It Saves You a Lot of Time

Yes, it is worth saving time and effort by completing tasks efficiently. Filling in a few blanks can save hours of worry and frustration. Create your copy simple and fast like never before.

Save $1000s on Copywriters

Are they able to write clarity copy without your touch? How many times should you contact them? Would it be worth it? You don't have to ask such questions anymore. You can do it now like a pro by yourself.

Sell More at Higher Prices

People will be far more convinced of your product. They will buy from you again and again. More sales = more profit. With the same number of visitors, you will generate more revenue.

More Clarity and Visibility

No more wondering and procrastinating. How about getting an unfair advantage over others ASAP. This is a great time to build stronger trust between you and your audience.

Banish Your Doubts Forever

YES, you have everything it takes to succeed. There's nothing you can't do. No more guilt every time you sit down at the keyboard because you don't know what to send. Take advantage of your disadvantages.

A Reduction in Unsubscribes

Stop giving subscribers a chance from unsubscribing so fast because your copy sounds like they were written by Gary Halbert. Make your copy powerful and clear because a confused mind cannot make decisions.

The Awesome Templates are Specially Created for



Course Creators



Funnel Builders


Agency Owners

​Digital Product Sellers

Speakers & Experts

Affiliate Marketers

Network Marketers

The ambitious entrepreneur who took their genius and turned it into an offer that can truly impact the lives of their ideal customers.

This system will work for you no matter what type of offer you’re selling:

Oh, and in case you’re wondering…

"If This Is Any Good...Why Is This So Cheap?"

I realize this is very inexpensive…so right about now, you might be wondering what the “catch” is.
The reason of the low price is simple: 
This has been priced to help you win. 
I want to see you absolutely CRUSH this. 
Especially during these crazy times.
And I figure this offer is a great way to “put my best foot forward” by helping you win. 
My hope is that you’ll love it, get amazing results, and we’ll do more business together in the future.
It’s that simple.
Anyway, if you want to launch a new course offer fast…….this is definitely the right thing to enroll in.

You’ll LOVE this if: 

This isn’t for you if 

And if you’re Not 100% Satisfied… Neither Am I.​

I get to buy materials online just like you. I understand the risk you feel especially when it comes to spend your hard earned money. You dont want to waste money on irrelevant things.

But One thing i assure you is that you will get 100% value for the investment you made. When you use any of these templates, you will be thrilled at your results.

While I cannot guarantee you will become a millionaire over night, but my 100% guarantee is that these templates you make you alot of money, and will save you time and stress.



TOTAL ONLY - $29.99

Enroll TODAY And Get This Exclusive Bonuses:

3000+ ChatGPT Prompts

Copywriter's SWIPE File

The Ultimate Funnel Template Kit For Coaches & Course Creators makes it easy for you to create all of your sales pages, landing pages, checkout pages, upsell pages (and more) quickly without having any copywriting experience whatsoever and even if you’re a complete beginner.

12+ Canva Website Templates/ Planners

What Motivated us to Publish The Launch Your Offer Toolkit

We understand the challenges you face as you strive to grow your business and make an impact in the online world. That’s why we’ve made it our goal to help you succeed by offering simple, smart solutions.


Our ideal customers are those who dream big and work hard. They are entrepreneurs, business owners, coaches, and course creators who are passionate about what they do and are committed to making a difference in the lives of others.

Our team of experts is always available to answer your questions. Join the Prolific Funnels Team family today, and let’s make your dreams a reality.

Our main goal is to prevent you from feeling lost, stuck, or confused. 

We appreciate the Awesome Templates base on their fast results.

Results-Oriented Testing is our secret and the power.
Your social media posts, emails and ads will never have to be written from scratch again! 
Never ever!

Our Mission:

"To Help Coaches, Ecommerce Business Owners, Freelancers, VA's and Agencies Create A LEAN Sales Machine That get Leads , Sales and Gets Their Clients Results"

Hi, I'm Olawale Ebenezer...

Hey friend! I’m Olawale, fellow course creator and a Sales Funnel Agency Owner! I’ve spent the last 3 years helping course creators turn their skills into courses that help their community Using Funnels and Facebook Ads.

Our mission at Project1913 Funnel Services is to help experts, consultants, coaches, course creators, authors, agency owners, speakers, and entrepreneurs start and grow their businesses through high-quality digital products, templates, tools, frameworks, and systems.

"This is Essential For Anyone That Wants To Sell More Courses, Coaching, Products Or Services Online..."

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ONE TIME OFFER 6500Create all the promotion materials you need using this bundle. It includes: ✅ Social Posts To Promote Digital Products ✅ Premium Custom Made Mockup Template (not only the Canva Standard Mockups everyone uses) ✅ Facebook Promo Banners for digital products ✅ Email Promo Headers ✅ Pinterest Pins to build up backlinks and organic traffic ✅ Seals of authority to uplevel the perceived value of your digital products ✅ A Canva Sales Page Template you can link to a stripe checkout. You can use these templates to promote the digital products you decide to resell AND/OR you can also resell these separately or in the bundle.

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After your order is complete, you’ll receive a PDF with links to access the templates.

The course Creator and Coaches Toolkit and Template was designed for you if you’re a coach, consultant, mentor, healer, speaker, author, marketer, agency owner, entrepreneur or any service provider who wants to create digital and printable workbooks without the techno overwhelm or overpriced designers.

When you use your template, you will be able to create beautiful workbooks, questionnaires, intake forms, assessment forms and custom worksheets for your clients. They are also the perfect way to upgrade your workshops, events, courses and even allow you to charge premium prices for your programs and services!

As many as you want! With this template, you can create hundreds of different workbooks. Use it to create workbooks for custom clients, group programs, lead magnets and so much more…

We know you want your brand to shine online. This is why you will be able to change all of the colors, fonts, and brand images to match your business. So your workbook will perfectly match your branding with just a couple of clicks.

How does LIFETIME access sound? After completing your purchase, you have unlimited access for as long as you like – all you need is a FREE Canva account and WordPress and you’re good to go!

Yes, absolutely! You can use The Essential Course Creator Kit to build course assets for your own private clients. You MAY NOT resell the templates as a digital product.

No, because the files are instantly downloaded we do not offer refunds for this type of product.

You can always mail us at

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