Calling all online entrepreneurs who want to get off the Facebook & Instagram ads struggle bus... FAST!


CTRL-C & CTRL-V High-Converting Email Sequences

Writing emails. Did you just get a shiver up your spine? #IGetYou

They’re important. They can make bank for your business. They can convert leads into dough.

Or they can suck up all your time and not get you one dang sale. < That? Never. Again.

These 101 Email Done-For-You Email Templates for every scenario are the time-saving, conversion-creating gold mine you’ve been waiting for.

Promoting a live event? Doing a challenge? Running a launch? You’re covered.

The sequences are done. The emails are written. They’re just waiting for YOU to turn them into a money generating machine.

This is how easy it is:

Step 1: Copy the pre-done need-specific templates and tweak the content to personalize it. Make it YOU and be your authentic self to attract the clients that you’re definitely going to vibe with.

Step 2: Paste them into your autoresponder and #BOOM. That’s it. The best way to generate a sale is by directly pitching your offer. These templates will help you do just that with way less effort. Ummmm, yes please.


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