Fast and Easy UK Company Formation For Non-Residents

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You want to make a product that LOOKS SO GOOD it practically sells itself… but you just don’t have the time to fuss and fiddle.

Then there’s the question of how you’re actually going to sell it. Because if you’re like most people…

You’re confused about what you need to say and do to trigger that ‘ca-ching!’ – the sound of customers hitting the “BUY NOW” button.

You see your competitors “effortlessly” cranking out digital products and sales funnels and making the kind of passive income you dream of while your bigger and better ideas keep falling to the bottom of your priorities list…

Meanwhile, you’re standing on the sidelines watching your competitors rake in massive sales helping your dream customers while you scramble to catch up.

(Sound familiar?)

Maybe You are one of these:


You sell your services online but besides Fiverr, Upwork and Freelancer, you can't really work anywhere else and you're tired of depending on the platforms and their rules


Or maybe a consultant. You want to sell your expertise to your clients but they have no way of paying you. You have to depend on direct bank transfers which don't always work


You've made ebooks, mini courses and online trainings but you're currently limited to only selling through Instagram, Facebook and Whatsapp


you’ve tried  All TheThings


Someone in the U.S. loaning you their PayPal account which you can use to receive payments from your clients. (You'll get your money from the U.S. guy later... somehow)


After which you get hit with unnecessary costs and conversion fees whenever someone outside your country tries to buy something from you


Which end up being painful and slow. Not to mention the fact that you literally cannot automate any part of the selling process which means you're working all the time.

These Existing Options Are Rather Frustrating

If you go with the first option (assuming you find someone you can trust in the U.S. who also understands the legal and financial implications of partnering with you), you’ll have to awkwardly ask for your money to be transferred each week or month. 
Good luck growing a successful business using this method. If you go with the second option, then your customers are forced to prove they’ve paid you for work each time.
That’s how “proof screenshots” sent to emails were invented. If you intend to sell to many people, the last thing you want to do is to force each customer to manually pay and then prove that they paid 🤦🏾‍♀️

But just imagine having…

A Workable Paypal and Stripe

Priject1913 Hubs offers a complete package that includes company formations, EIN, and US Bank Account, saving you hours of work. Schedule a call with our expert now.

Professionally-designed Product Templates

No more “blank page of doom” – these templates are beautifully branded and loaded with content prompts so you have everything you need — no gaps, no rabbit holes — just plug-and-play product creation. These templates were designed by an award-winning designer & digital marketing expert who now make their living making and selling digital products.

Done-for-You Sales Pages with Proven Copywriting Scripts

No more struggling to figure out what to say or messing with complicated copywriting formulas…. these templates use PROVEN sales copy prompts based on our own high-converting sales pages that let you “fill in the blanks” to make sure you hit every psychological trigger your customers need to hit that “buy now” button. Just install the templates and follow the instructions right on the page!

Easy as 1-2-3 Product Mockups

The secret to helping your customers feel confident in their purchase is to show them exactly what they’re getting… need to SEE what’s inside before they buy. That’s why we’ve included all the mockup templates and customisable graphics you need to bring your sales page to life.. They work together like a hand-in-glove and this takes just MINUTES to do!

Here’s What We Do

We help you Incorporate your Business in the USA, Open a Foreign Bank Account for you, Create a Functional Stripe Account to help you collect payments globally and also Create a Business Wise Account for your Business.

Are you tired of facing payment processing limitations simply because you’re not a resident on the “Right side of the map”? I’ve been through the same struggle, and that’s precisely why I created this program. 

If you’re reading this, chances are you’re already familiar with my content. You may have noticed that never run ads “PAYMENT PROCESSING SECRETS.” This program is exclusively for those who are familiar with my content and want to invest to learn more of my ninja strategies.

As you might know, things get saturated quickly. That’s why PPS is designed for a small circle of students to avoid over saturation of these advanced strategies.

If you’re tired of guessing and wasting countless days and hundreds if not thousands of dollars trying to figure out payment processing and incorporation on your own, then this is perfect for you.

Time is money & Money loves speed! By joining PPS, you’ll save both time and money while investing in the stability of your digital business. You’ll unlock the most advanced payment processing strategies for global entrepreneurs.

To your success!

Business Registration

We help you Incorporate your Business in the UK within 24 Hours

Foreign Bank Account

Open a USA based Foreign Bank account for your Business

Stripe Account Setup

Setup a verified and functional Stripe account for your business to collect payments globally.

Business Registration

We help you Incorporate your Business in the UK within 24 Hours

Foreign Bank Account

Open a USA based Foreign Bank account for your Business

Stripe Account Setup

Setup a verified and functional Stripe account for your business to collect payments globally.

Imagine Getting An Agency Experience Where 100% Done For You In 7 Days...


Done For You Service

A Workable Stripe, Paypal,

Winning Low Ticket Offer + Funnel + Ad
Professionally Designed Funnel Design Kits…

What's included?

We’ll Create UK LTD (Company) Registration (on your name)+ Paypal + Stripe+ A Winning Low Ticket Offer + Funnel + Ad For You In 7 Days PLUS You Get 1-1 Coaching On How To Scale Your Low Ticket Offer Funnel To 6 & 7 Figures.

TOTAL VALUE - N820,000


TOTAL ONLY - N10,000


Stop trial and error. I will remove the guess work and do all the hard work, just fund the adverts yourself and focus on the growth of your business just like this one

Limited Time Offer


Limited Time Offer


Limited Time Offer

The Process

Go global with Funnel Embassy. We assist with UK company formation, payment gateways, and Sales Funnels.


Get Connected

Contact us for detailed registration instructions. Fill out the form and we will take care of the rest.


Submit Company Details

Submit your company details and let us handle the setup process. Stay focused on your business.


Easy Payment

Choose from our supported payment gateways to pay. We’ll handle everything else.


Business account setting

You have final say of all of the work, before it’s released. Once you approve, we’ll put together all of the pieces!


Integrations and Funnels

Then, it’s time to go live and roll out your project!


24/7 Support

Our trained customer care reps are available around the clock to assist you.

You Can Now Unlock The Freedom To Expand Your Business Globally​

Automated Sales Funnels

Having “Buy Now” buttons that your customers can easily click on to make purchases and upsells.

Product Suite

Being able to build multiple funnels and sell from any platform at any time.

Passive Income

Creating passive income and getting alerts all day for those sleep coins as people buy.

Currency Flexibility

Selling in USD and being able to store value in stable currencies

Become Your Own Boss

Deciding how you work becuase you don’t depend on manually chasing clients & customers

Scale With Ease

Being able to scale your business selling anything and empower as many people as you wish

No more “We’re sorry but your location is currently unsupported at this time…”

And then after all of that work is done for you...
You Get 1-On-1 Coaching On How To Scale Your Low Ticket Offer...

With absolutely everything you need to…

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But don’t just take our word for it. Here’s some proof of how our bundle has already been used to…

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The Homepage Funnel

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Sales Funnel For Low Ticket Products

The Local Business Funnel

Lead Magnet Funnels

Digital Product Funnels

Complete Webinar Funnels

Business Plan Template

The 100-page Business Plan Template will help you define in detail your Coaching objectives and how you plan to achieve its goals. You’ll be able to create a written roadmap of your coaching from a marketing, financial and operational standpoint.

Irresitable Lead Magnet

The 60-page Lead Magnet Template is a great resource for creating a free item for your potential clients that you may want to give away for free for gathering their contact details. Your subsequent attempt should be to convert leads into paying customers of your coaching services.

Canva Landing Page

The  16-page Sales Page Template will help you visually plan the salespage and how they will evolve over time. The Roadmap encompasses the actions taken to assist customers and the larger scope goals that guide the plan into the future.

New Client Proposal

The 25-page New Client Proposal will help you outline everything that your coaching proposes to do for the client. The template will assist you to touch upon the Scope, Objective, Deliverable, Timeline & Cost for your services.


Services & Pricing Guide

The 21-page Services & Pricing Guide will help you outline all the details and benefits of your services package for your coaching program. It will assist you to position yourself as an industry expert and a professional and will make a stunning first impression on your potential clients.


New Client Welcome Pack

The 15-page Client Roadmap will help you visually plan the services that your clients with receive and how they will evolve over time. The Roadmap encompasses the actions taken to assist customers and the larger scope goals that guide the plan into the future.

Coaching Workbook

The 40-page Coaching Workbook will assist you in creating a client-specific or service-specific workbook with organised contents, modules, assessments and assignments that your clients can follow through your coaching process.

Presentation / Webinar Slidedeck

It is a common practice for Coaches to attract leads into a Webinar and then turn them into paying customers. The 60-page Presentation/Webinar Slidedeck will help you create well-crafted slides for your next Webinar.

Client Challenge Creator

Short challenges are a great way of building engagement with your clients and retaining an interest in your coaching services. To help you create engaging challenges for your clients, this 20-page Challenge Creator Template will prove to be your best friend and help you increase your retention rate.

You think this is alot? check this….

But Wait, That’s Not All! You Also Get

Event Covers

Attracting potential clients for your coaching is a game you need to play consistently and for the same, you will need to host multiple events/webinars. For attracting maximum signups for your events, you will get these 10 High Converting Event Covers.

Email Newsletter Headers

Whether you have to announce a new session or promote a new service or simply maintain a uniform brand identity, this set of 10 Email Newsletter Headers will serve your purpose in the most fulfilling way.

Media Kit

The 15-page Media Kit is a promotional public relations tool that can serve as an essential tool to propagate your basic information like Name, Address, Social Media Following, Clientele etc to a media agency such as a press or online marketing agency.

Email Signatures

You’ll get access to 3 Beautifully Designed Email Signatures to appear professional in your emails to your prospects, leads and customers. It propagates your brand identity and leaves a professional impression.

Business Cards

Business Card is almost a necessity these days and is a great source of brand identity marketing and conveys professionalism and preparedness. No need to pay the designer a hefty amount when you can create a beautiful business card for your coaching with these 3 Business Card Templates.

Instagram Posts

To compliment you in your social media marketing efforts, you get access to 60 Instagram Posts you can use to attract, promote and educate your audience.

Pinterest Posts

For Coaches, Pinterest is an audience heaven as a lot of their leads like to spend time on Pinterest and help you attract them to your coaching services you can use this set of 15 Pinterest Posts.

Facebook Group Post Template

If you are a Coach or an online course creator, it’s utmost necessary to create a Facebook Group to let your clients interact. This increases your brand value on top of providing free marketing. To help you achieve the best with your group, you get access to 30 Facebook Group Post Templates.

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We help emerging Entrepreneurs in developing Countries set their business up to compete favourably on the global stage.

We belive your business idea can come alive and nothing should be a hindrance to it such as a Payment Gateway.

We genuinely care about you and your business and are determined to help you get started on the right track. Not having access to a globally accepted payment gateway such as Stripe because your are in a Country where it is currently not supported is really causing you to leave a lot of money on the table. We are here to help you bridge that gap in a very legitimate way that is 100% guaranteed.

We truly understand how challenging it is for you to be able to collect payment from high paying clients through your website or online store, especially if you’re doing business in countries like Nigeria and other African Countries, where Stripe is currently not supported. We will help you handle the entire process of registering your Business in the USA, Open a Foreign Bank Account for your Business and help you Setup your Stripe Account. Additionally, we also help you to create a Wise Business Account for your Business to enable you collect payments globally without restrictions.

*** This Is Not Available Anywhere Else At This Insane Discount!! ***
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1) You will need to Provide a Valid Means of Identification (Int’l Passport Preferred)

2) Proof of address, which can be a Bank Statement or a Utility Bill carrying your Name and your address and dated within the last 3 Months

We Accept Bank Transfer (Naira or Dollars), Payoneer, Card Payment

Within 4-5 Business Days, Your UK Wise Account would be Processed. For USA Stripe Account, it takes between 10-12 Business Days for your order to be processed, but sometimes it can extend to 15 Business Days for USA Stripe Account

The Simple Answer is: No

Because, we are going to be using your real Home address to verify your Stripe Account, and the Business address we provide to you shall be used to verify your Business address, so even if Stripe is not supported in your country, this option works very well with no issues.

You only need to pay VAT in the UK if you are making more than £85,000 a year

This isn’t a make money online service. Rather it is a setup service that lets you have access to a working Stripe account for your business. Trust me when I say nothing could go wrong.

Other businesses like sex toy sales, multi-level marketing, and other illegal businesses like sales of weapons, drugs and pirated music are not also not allowed.

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