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Never spend hours learning how to design sales pages, hire a sales page designer, or spend long hours trying to design a sales page from SCRATCH EVER AGAIN because you will discover…

Pack Your Calendar with 1 – 2 Highly Qualified Bookings PER DAY with Our Done For You Agency Pack!

These same tools has generated 1,273+ Leads, 597+ Appointments & Closed 79+ New Clients Every Month For Our Agency Clients!

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A power-packed “DONE FOR YOU” materials with Agency Funnels, VSL Templates, Scripts, Pitch Deck, Facebook Ads, and more!

You already have access to the Coaches and Experts materials. Now you just have to figure out how to get clients in these niches…

You have 3 options.

Option 1: Do It Yourself

You still need to do the strategy and heavy lifting
Do everything yourself. You’ll have to think of the ideas, do research on what’s working, create a sales presentation, create the graphics, write the copy, and build the funnels – EVERYTHING FROM SCRATCH.

Option 2: Hire An Expert

You can find an expert to build it all for you.
Hire and expert or team.

Although, typically it would cost you more than $5,000 and above to handle all of the tasks for you.

- OR -

Option 3: Let Us Do All The Heavy Lifting For You.

Leverage my team and resources and let us do the work for you.

Over the years, me and my team has been building agency funnels for our clients. What if all of the Funnels, Facebook Ads, Video Sales Letter, Scripts, were all done for you and all you need to do is to copy and paste?

Best of all, This isn’t limited to just the 9 niches. It works for ANY niche, without the need for exhausting cold calls, outreach efforts, or facing constant rejection upfront.

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With this high converting Sales Funnel Template bundle

You're just one funnel away from generating hot, ready-to-buy leads

Imagine Creating Your Entire Funnel in Just One Afternoon

It has never been this easy

You dont have to do everything from scratch again

Just use these 10x templates and plug and play your way to 7 figures

Introducing Ultimate Agency Client Acquisition Pack

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What's included?

We’ll Create UK LTD (Company) Registration (on your name)+ Paypal + Stripe+ A Winning Low Ticket Offer + Funnel + Ad For You In 7 Days PLUS You Get 1-1 Coaching On How To Scale Your Low Ticket Offer Funnel To 6 & 7 Figures.

Fast and Easy UK Company Formation For Non-Residents

"Done For You" Item #1


($997 Value)

Use these funnels if you want to demonstrate results, impress potential clients, and ultimate turn them into a paid client.

Imagine the impact of presenting a well-crafted case study that showcases how your agency helped a client achieve outstanding results.

Prospects will be eager to schedule a call to discuss their own challenges.

Our professionally designed templates are fully customizable and can be easily branded to reflect your agency’s unique style.

Start attracting high-quality clients, booking more calls, and win over clients and grow your agency with this funnel!

"Done For You" Item #2


($997 Value)

No question – this is the absolutely best funnel to convert visitors into red hot leads for your agency business.

Ambitiously designed, tested and refined to deliver stellar results.

If you’re serious about using an application funnel to generate new leads and grow your agency business, this is the one.

These funnels will help your clients set up appointments with you, learn about your services, and get started working with you right away!

"Done For You" Item #3


($997 Value)

Not a big fan of cold-calling?

If you want to get more leads, you don’t have to go out and hunt them all down yourself.

Instead, use a lead magnet for your agency to bring new prospects to you.

These templates get leads for around $2 each!

We’ve carefully crafted these high-converting funnel templates specifically for agencies like yours, so you can start bringing in potential client fast.
(Please note: While our Lead Magnet Funnels include the funnel templates, the actual lead magnet content is not provided. You can customize the funnel templates to align with your agency’s specific lead magnet offers.)

"Done For You" Item #4


($997 Value)

This solves your biggest problem!

Video sales letter is a well-known way to attract your best prospects (not those tyre kickers or stallers).

It’s a very important asset to have on your funnels or landing page.

That’s why our “Fill-In-The-Blank” Video Sales Letter Template is a must-have.

We’ve prepared two different variations of VSL for you:

1. Case Study VSL
2. Appointment Booking VSL

All you have to do is literally copy and paste, and fill in the blanks…

…Record and you’re good to go.

Each section of the template is placed so that your viewer’s attention is held and any doubts they have in their mind are dispelled.

This VSL template will literally saves you hundreds of hours starting from scratch!

"Done For You" Item #5


($997 Value)

Don’t know what you need to say in your sales video? No worries, we have you covered!

The structure of this script is such that it keeps the audience engaged using a flow that is proven to hit all their psychological buttons.

Written by our crack team of copywriters, this script will remove all the stress of writing your own.

Simply record it word for word and see the magic work!

"Done For You" Item #6


($997 Value)

And where does the traffic to these funnels come from?

Paid ads is the fastest way!

Well, we have you covered there as well.

So we thought we’d save you the trouble and created the ad copy and ad creatives for you.

These copies can be used in your Facebook or Instagram ads to quickly convey your Unique Selling Proposition to your clients.

You can literally have all your funnels and ads running by TODAY! – and start booking appointments.

"Done For You" Item #7


($997 Value)

Follow a proven framework used by successful agency owners to maximize your chances of securing a client.

You are allowed to EDIT, REBRAND & MARKET… and make it yours!

Remove any doubts your clients have in mind about your ability to deliver results!

You can now approach them with confidence.

Show your clients that you have a tried and tested system to bring them more customers.

Skip The 'Painful' Waiting Line!

I have spoken to hundreds of agency owners and the challenges they face are the same…

"I'm Struggling To Get Clients"

Client acquisition is hard work. And when you are just getting started, it might seem like an uphill battle. The marketplace has cutthroat competition and it’s not easy to get your foot in the door.

"I Can't Do Everything Alone"

Acquiring clients requires you to create marketing materials and collateral just for that purpose. This is time-consuming and doesn’t give you any direct returns on the time or money spent on it.

"I Don't Have Their Trust"

When your name is not established in the market, it’s hard for potential clients to trust you. And it takes months, if not years, to establish credibility — time that you simply do not have.

Which all results in wasted time and money.

But what you don’t know is that there is a way to set up high-converting sales pages without going through all that stress.
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The Process

Go global with Funnel Embassy. We assist with UK company formation, payment gateways, and Sales Funnels.


Get Connected

Contact us for detailed registration instructions. Fill out the form and we will take care of the rest.


Submit Company Details

Submit your company details and let us handle the setup process. Stay focused on your business.


Easy Payment

Choose from our supported payment gateways to pay. We’ll handle everything else.


Business account setting

You have final say of all of the work, before it’s released. Once you approve, we’ll put together all of the pieces!


Integrations and Funnels

Then, it’s time to go live and roll out your project!


24/7 Support

Our trained customer care reps are available around the clock to assist you.

Ready To End The Struggle Once And For All?

The Ultimate Agency Client Acquisition Pack has all the done-for-you materials that will work for you as a client acquisition engine!




($997 Value)

Results speak louder than words. And we’ve got more than enough results for you to show your prospects!

These screenshots of Facebook ad campaign statistics and GoHighLevel statistics will show your prospects that you mean business!

Put them in your pitch deck, use them in your presentations, or use them in your ads. Show your clients exactly what you can achieve for them

Post on Facebook, Instagram stories, publish on your website… however you want to use them.

Show off the credibility of this proven system and convince your prospects to get on board with you, and get started right away!



($997 Value)

Sales calls can be daunting. It’s easy to fumble and mess up big opportunities.

This is why it helps to know what to say — and this Million Dollar Script will help you do exactly that.

If you are just getting started and feeling nervous about what to say on a call with your prospect, just refer to this script!

This script will show you what to say and when to say it so that you can be confident going in that you will close the deal!



($997 Value)

The “Easy Close” Revenue Calculator is a simple yet powerful tool that helps your potential clients to visualise the realistic returns from working with you.

It switches the focus of your prospect to potential revenue instead of the cost.

Once you’ve made your case for why the potential client should work with you, this calculator will help you close the deal with hard numbers.

Use this tool at the end of your pitch and see your close rate skyrocket!



($997 Value)

Unlock the secrets of automating your work and saving time with this video course on how to hire and manage a Virtual Assistant. A VA can help you optimise your work and focus on what you do best — leaving the rest in their capable hands.

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Limited Time Offer



Limited Time Offer


Limited Time Offer

TOTAL VALUE - N820,000


TOTAL ONLY - N10,000

If you are not 100% satisfied, neither am i

I get to buy materials online just like you. I understand the risk you feel especially when it comes to spend your hard earned money. You dont want to waste money on irrelevant things.

But One thing i assure you is that you will get 100% value for the investment you made. When you use any of these templates, you will be thrilled at your results.

While i can guarantee you will become a millionaire over night, but my 100% guarantee is that these templates you make you alot of money, and will save you time and stress.

Here is everything yo will get

TOTAL VALUE - N820,000


TOTAL ONLY - N10,000

Have a question?

1) You will need to Provide a Valid Means of Identification (Int’l Passport Preferred)

2) Proof of address, which can be a Bank Statement or a Utility Bill carrying your Name and your address and dated within the last 3 Months

We Accept Bank Transfer (Naira or Dollars), Payoneer, Card Payment

Within 4-5 Business Days, Your UK Wise Account would be Processed. For USA Stripe Account, it takes between 10-12 Business Days for your order to be processed, but sometimes it can extend to 15 Business Days for USA Stripe Account

The Simple Answer is: No

Because, we are going to be using your real Home address to verify your Stripe Account, and the Business address we provide to you shall be used to verify your Business address, so even if Stripe is not supported in your country, this option works very well with no issues.

You only need to pay VAT in the UK if you are making more than £85,000 a year

This isn’t a make money online service. Rather it is a setup service that lets you have access to a working Stripe account for your business. Trust me when I say nothing could go wrong.

Other businesses like sex toy sales, multi-level marketing, and other illegal businesses like sales of weapons, drugs and pirated music are not also not allowed.

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