The Easiest Way To Run An E-Commerce business GLOBALLY

Empowering entrepreneurs globally, we’ve assisted hundreds in establishing their US-based LLCs, securing business bank accounts, navigating payment gateways, and kickstarting their Amazon wholesale ventures with ease.

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Without Worrying About Company Formations, Payment Gateways, Shopify Setups & Design, , Woocommerce Funnels, Winning Products, Dropshipping Store Development & Marketing Assets (Ad Images/Videos, Ad Copies & Targeting Audience Research)

This One on One Will Show You :

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A successful dropshipping store is more than just a website, it is a combination of your brand, products, vision and unique characteristics that can compete in the marketplace. We are here to teach you the fundamentals required to start your own dropshipping business and unlock the power of a passive shopify income.

You’re a Digital Marketer, Dropshipper, Freelancer, Digital Nomad, SaaS Entrepreneur, Affiliate Marketer, Infopreneur…

If you’re born, resident or expat in a country with restricted payment and banking options.

​You are tired of wasting TIME and MONEY buying Stripe accounts that get banned after a few days, having your money on hold, losing days at a time figuring out how to make things work…

You want a proven system to get business payments processed, headache-free.

You want a proven process to set up your business offshore in the US/UK, starting an LTD or an LLC, and getting a UK/US PayPal and Stripe account without it getting banned.

You want to get the perfect framework of how to deal with your taxes once your LTD or LLC is up and running.

If you want to master the number one survival skill for online entrepreneurs, that is payment processing. No matter how good you’re at making money, if you don’t know how you get paid, it’s GAME OVER.

​If you are TIRED of having to figure out this whole process by yourself instead of working on your business — just because you don’t live in the “right” country!

​Start, Grow & Scale Dropshipping Business, Information Business, And Agency Services

“Select Your Winning Product, Get Your Ready-To-Sell Dropshipping Store Template For Selected Product, Setup Template And Download All Marketing Materials For Selected Product” And You Are In Business!!


This is Akinyemi Olawale,
For years, I’d been in the heart of the online business world, building stores and running ads for dropshipping entrepreneurs at home and Abroad. I’d seen all kinds of stores, from million-dollar powerhouses to bare-bones startups. And let me tell you, I noticed a pattern.

Most dropshipping failures came down to three big things: bad products, bad stores, and bad marketing. It’s like trying to build a house on sand – eventually, it’s going to crumble.

One day, a client showed me his store. It was beautiful, a thousand dollars’ worth of design talent poured into it. But when I asked his budget for marketing, I nearly choked. A hundred bucks a month? Seriously?

That’s when I saw the other side of the coin. Another client was throwing six grand a month at ads, but his store looked like it was designed in the 90s. No wonder he wasn’t converting well!

And That's When It Hit Me...

What if there was a way for beginner dropshippers to get everything they needed – great products, stunning stores, and effective marketing tools – for a price they could actually afford?

Boom! The Dropshipping Kickstart Program was born. It’s like a one-stop shop for aspiring entrepreneurs, providing the three pillars of success without breaking the bank.

But it’s more than just resources. We also have a thriving community where dropshippers can connect, share tips, and learn from each other. Plus, we have experts on hand to answer questions and guide them through every step of the process.

It’s truly inspiring to see. And the best part? This is just the beginning. We’re here to empower every dropshipper, proving that success isn’t just for the privileged few. It’s for anyone with the drive and the right tools.

So, if you’re ready to turn your dropshipping dreams into reality, join us. We’ll show you the way.

which is why I'm excited to tell you that...

You Can Now Unlock The Freedom To Expand Your Business Globally​


Automated Sales Funnels

Having “Buy Now” buttons that your customers can easily click on to make purchases and upsells.

Product Suite

Being able to build multiple funnels and sell from any platform at any time.

Passive Income

Creating passive income and getting alerts all day for those sleep coins as people buy.

Currency Flexibility

Selling in USD and being able to store value in stable currencies

Become Your Own Boss

Deciding how you work becuase you don’t depend on manually chasing clients & customers

Scale With Ease

Being able to scale your business selling anything and empower as many people as you wish


No more “We’re sorry but your location is currently unsupported at this time…”

We are one of the Best Today

We are the First neither are we the best but we are One of the Best Today and Tomorrow in:

​Our Services to You

Empower Your Business Beyond Borders!
Experience a World of Growth with Our Winning Services!

Company Formation

Start by registering a US/UK company to access PayPal, Stripe, Amazon, and US Bank accounts from Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya and Any other Nation

EIN & Tax Filling

Our package includes the EIN number which is essential for PayPal, Stripe, and Amazon business account sign-up.

Banks, Payment & Gateways

Set up a secure U.S. bank account in 3-5 days. Receive a debit card at home & simplify global transactions.

Shopify Store

We Will Create Your Shopify Store with the Best and high Converting Products and integrate all required Apps and Guide You as Well

Woocommerce Sales Funnel

I Pride and make boast of the Grace of God Given to me as a Wise WordPress Funnel Builder… I will deliver 2 Funnels

Tiktok Shops & Amazon Seller

I will Create your seller centers and guide you as well

We completed 20+ projects in 2023-2024 with 100% customer satisfaction and still counting!

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Features you get after becoming member with Basic Coaching Package:




Features you get after becoming member with Advanced Coaching Package:




Features you get after becoming member with Group Coaching Package:

When You Join "Dropshipping Kickstart Program"

A Detailed Formations

10 Winning & Profitable Products (Every Month) - Value $500

10 Ready-To-Sell Dropshipping Stores (Every Month)- Value $2500

10 Stores FB & Insta Marketing Assets (Every Month)- Value $1000

Premium Courses (Dropshipping, Marketing & Store Development)- Value $1000

Amazon FBA Setting Ups

This package contains all the documents and services you need to start an Amazon Wholesale business, including your Amazon seller account.


The Easiest Way To Run An E-Commerce business GLOBALLY

Empowering entrepreneurs globally, we’ve assisted hundreds in establishing their US-based LLCs, securing business bank accounts, navigating payment gateways, and kickstarting their Amazon wholesale ventures with ease.

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