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COACHING AND CONSULTING WITH OLAWALE and I can help you and your business to launch Your WordPress Funnel

I can help you to avoid tech overwhelm, learn what you need to know (and skip through all the fluff you don’t need), develop seriously impressive (yet simple!) marketing strategy and then teach you to easily implement it all in WordPress so you can manage your own marketing like a pro and spend more time doing what you love.

WordPress Funnels is my expertise, if you need help give me a call and we can talk about it

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What are you working on?

With years of experience and hundreds of clients, no matter what you’d like to do with WordPress, I can help make it happen.

Account Set Up & Best Practices

Launching a Comprehensive WordPress Funnel and Relevant Tech Stack

Client Experience & Relationship Building

Funnel Maps and Goal behind every funnel and when to use any of the funnel

Domain Integration & FB Ad Verification

Issues relating to hosting, domain and sub domain, DNS records, SMTP and security

Sequences & Email Automation

How to of setting up lists, tags, and Sequences. Using WordPress CRMs, Integrating WordPress with ESPs

Courses & Memberships

Launching LMS and Membership strategy (launching, running, maintaining a membership) using WordPress

Page Builder

Everything you need to know about choosing, editing, and using the Page Builder

Upsells/Downsells & Order Bumps

What is a funnel? How do you build an effective one? Basics, best practices, and strategy and setting up upsell/downsell products and order bumps

Forms & List Building

How to of setting up your forms, using forms on other websites, best practices, etc. Integrating with CRMs

Affiliate Set Up

How to set up your Affiliate program in WordPress

Video Hosting & On Demand Funnels

How to add videos into Courses using bunny, youtube  and many other other hosts

Funnel Analytics

Get more opt ins, sales, and higher average cart value

Booking Calendar & Calendly

Comparison and how to use both WordPress Appointment Booking and Calendly for your coaching packages

What To Expect From Our 1-on-1 Marketing Strategy Session...


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​"Absolute discovery! My business grew for 300%"

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​"Incredible experience, work was ​fast and ​affordable"

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​"Anna is must-have consultant if you want to succeed!"

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Join Virtual Coaching and get access to more than 300 professionals from different area of expertise!

One Hour Sess​ion

1:1 Coaching or Consulting


Features you get after becoming member with Basic Coaching Package:

The 5 Pack

5 Flexible Hours (10% Discount)


Features you get after becoming member with Advanced Coaching Package:

Quick Fix

Perfect for Troubleshooting or a Quick Question


Features you get after becoming member with Group Coaching Package:

Have a question?

You have a year from the date of purchase to use the session(s). You’ll get a link to my calendar where you’ll be able to book sessions on a rolling basis (if you need to book out further than that, let me know and I will try to accommodate).

We can go over your marketing strategy, tech implementation, or both, during a session.


This can include things like setting up or auditing your WordPress or a funnel, building or optimizing a funnel or website, basic design help, importing and customizing a DFY Campaign, implementing what you’re learning in a course or membership, marketing best practices and how to implement in WordPress, and much more.

I have some clients that book sessions to get funnels built out quickly, easily, and without any stress (or the back and forth of working with a tech VA or agency) – so we work through the process together (I can request access to control your screen and do the work) with me building everything out while we discuss strategy and design. 

I have some clients who meet with me to brainstorm ideas, troubleshoot their existing funnels, fix something that is broken, or teach them how to do something specific in WordPress.

I have some clients who are brand new to WordPress and want to get things set up correctly right from the get-go – either to migrate over or to start fresh. So we start from the top and work our way down. 

I have worked with very experienced marketers and business owners who hire me to consult on creative strategy or making the most of thier use of WordPress.


And I have worked with brand new online entrepreneurs who are starting out and need extra support, hand holding, and a slower approach to learning the tech, the marketing, all of it.


So it’s pretty safe to say, if there’s something WordPress or marketing related – I can help you with it!

As a 1:1 coaching client, all of our interaction will be during your booked session time. I do not offer support between sessions via email or messenger.

If you have a quick question, I suggest grabbing a 60 Minute session!

You can always mail us at support@thefunnelthatsell.com


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